After a short break, I’m back.  Not sure what to write about, I asked someone to share with me the first word that comes to mind when they think of the letter “N”. Their word was “Negativity”.  

This was a challenge; partly because of its timing and the main reason why I have not written anything in a month. Once the word was suggested, I wrote what was on my mind and was ready to post it. Then, the day before I was going to post it, I began to have problems with my computer. Eventually, it completely crashed and died resulting in disappointment and feelings of negativity.

In addition, the feelings of negativity that came from my computer crashing only added to other feelings of negativity and sadness that I had been having. Recently, my father fell breaking the bones in his shoulder. All four of my sisters, in some way or another, were there to help him, but I was not. I live the furthest away, did not have the money to go visit him, and had recently started a new part-time job so did not feel right about asking for time off.  Even though my father, who is a great man, told me not to worry, I still felt bad.

Then, on Friday, December 2nd, the feelings of negativity regarding these incidents began to fade. I headed to the mall where I was meeting my wife. As I approached the turn into the mall parking lot, I saw a man walking down the side of the road, suddenly stop, bend slightly over, and grip what appeared to be his chest. He was an older looking gentleman dressed in a tan suit, with a white shirt, and a cross around his neck. Immediately, I felt inspired to stop and ask him if he was okay. He was in pain, but it wasn’t chest pain. He was gripping his shoulder, which he had injured not long ago and was in a lot of pain. He showed me the deformation the injury had caused to his shoulder. I talked to him for a few minutes. I learned his name was Billy, he was from Florida, and was in town for the funeral of his mother. Apparently, sometime after the funeral, there was an argument between some other family members who eventually fled, forgetting that Billy’s belongings were in their vehicle. He had little money and needed a ride. I felt impressed to help. After consulting with my wife, we gave him a ride and a little money to help him purchase a ticket home.

Later, as I reflected on this experience, I thought it was such a coincidence that I had the opportunity to help a stranger that suffered from injuries like the one’s my father has, who I was not able to go and help. I believe this was meant to happen.

I am a Christian. I believe in God. I belief that all of this was meant to happen. That the individual I asked to share a word with me was inspired by God to share the word negativity. I also believe that God inspired me to stop and help this man. I further believe that this experience was meant to help inspire me to share my thoughts on negativity and some things you can do to lessen the impact it has on you. To do this:

  • First, distance yourself from it. Desire to get rid of or reduce the negativity in your life and commit yourself to doing so, whether the negativity is the result of your own choices, or the choices of others with whom you associate. To accomplish this, you must understand and accept that eliminating or lessening the negativity in your life will require change, may not be easy, may take time, and will require work and sacrifice.
  • Second, stand tall. Be firm in your commitment to change and lessen the impact negativity has on your life. Create positivity in your life by making the right choices, doing the things that bring true joy and happiness into your life, and by help and serving others when the opportunity arises.

Remember, you are not perfect. You will make mistakes and start to lean a little, but you can always straighten up and fix it. In the end, if you have the faith, desire, hope and belief in yourself, change is possible and can be accomplished. The negativity will be crossed out and the blessings and benefits will come.


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  1. Good article. Very thought provoking. I’ve learned that negativity can suck the life right out of a person.

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  2. I enjoy your perspectives on matters. Negativity can take up such time and space as I believe it aims to do just that. I’m glad it was moved from me. I am much happier without it dwelling on my world.

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