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Joseph - December 2008

Welcome to my blog: On My Mind, also known as JB’s Thoughts.

Who am I?
I’m Joseph Bunch. I am a creative lover of many things. Writing, games, art, music, film, outdoors, photography, genealogy, religion, history, etc. Also, sometimes thoughts, opinions and ideas about various events happening in the world take over my brain and I just can’t help but share what’s on my mind.

What do I do?
Professionally, my experience is in the fields of Human Resources, Training & Development, and Retail Management. Because of my experience and passion for helping others be more successful in their career, sometimes thoughts, opinions and ideas about ways to be a better manager or employee invade my mind. When this happens, I often feel compelled to write articles or essays and share them with others.

I have a master’s degree in Organization Management and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I am also a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and a Society for Human Resource Management certified professional (SHRM-CP).

In addition to my career in business, I am also a self-published author and creator of word search puzzle books.  While I have always been interested in writing, it wasn’t untiUS Statel a few Cover Imageyears ago that I really began writing. It’s as if one day the creative side of my brain just came to life. Idea after idea started flooding my mind. I wrote them down and sometimes actually began the full-on writing. In 2015 I set the goal to complete my first novel and published it in November 2015. That year I also created two word search puzzle books. I have many more ideas for fiction, non-fiction, and word search books. The “BUNCH BATCH” will grow. Check it out.

What do I blog about?
That was the one question that kept delaying my decision to venture into the blogging world. In the end, I realized I can’t just blog about one particular subject or field of interest. I am passionate about too many things. As I mentioned above, sometimes thoughts, opinions and ideas take over my brain and I just can’t help but share what’s on my mind. So my blog will contain post on many topics. I hope you enjoy my blog. I welcome any recommendations or suggestions. You can contact me personally via the Contact page.

Also, please feel free to leave comments. I want to know what’s on your mind. I want to know your thoughts, opinions and ideas. However, please be respectful of other people and their ideas when adding your own thoughts to a conversation. 

Last, if you you like what you read, then “like” it and share it.



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