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Well…I have officially decided to start a blog. I’ve thought about doing it for a while now. The main thing holding me back was what do I blog about. To help me make a decision and to understand a little bit more about blogging and what it is, I read several articles about blogging. I also read several people’s blogs. Many bloggers tend to focus their blog posts on the same or similar subjects. Some blog about all sort of subjects and some have blogs that are more about events and experiences in their life. It seemed like the norm or main suggestion is to focus a blog on content related to one particular subject. I thought about this for quite some time. In the end, I felt that focusing on one subject was not me. Also, writing a blog that was more a journal of my life experiences was not me. I have way too many thoughts and ideas on my mind to focus on one subject. Therefore, I decided to be more open; to focus my blog posts on subjects I am passionate about or interest me. Some of these subjects will include posts related to business management, employment, politics, outdoors, culture and society, religion, and other things. Being a lover of movies, I may even throw in an occasional movie review. Ultimately, I am going to share what’s on my mind. Hence the title of my blog: ON MY MIND. Also called JB’s THOUGHTS.

To get started and to help me understand how the blog site works, I have posted three articles/essays I have written in the past and posted on my LinkedIn page. On average, I hope to post at least one or two blogs per week. It all depends on what’s on my mind.

If you like what you see and read, please follow me. Also, if you feel inspired to do so, please feel free to comment on any posts. I love to hear what others have to say; to know what’s on their mind. Your opinion, whether it agrees with mine or not, is important. I would ask that if you do comment on a post, please try and make sure your comment related to the topic discussed during the post. Finally, feel free to like and share my posts. One of the key things to making a blogger successful is others sharing and liking the posts.

Well…let the journey begin. Here’s looking forward to sharing what’s On My Mind.

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