2016 Father/Daughter Photo Contest Results

The results are in. Thank you everyone who completed our survey. We greatly appreciate the response we received.

Our outdoor journey this year during my daughter’s college summer break has been fantastic. The opportunity we had to explore and experience the wonder and beauty of nature is one we will always remember. Our decision to do this was perfectly timed given the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Park Service. Overall, we visited thirteen different sites. During our visits we took hundreds of pictures.

As I shared on August 25th in my What a Beautiful Country post we decided to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park on August 25th, take a bunch of photos, and have a little photo contest. Below are the winning photos in each of the five categories .



Winner – Daughter’s Pic


Father’s – Pic



Winner – Daughter’s Pic


Father’s Pic




Tie – Daughter’s Pic


Tie – Father’s Pic



Winner – Daughter’s Pic


Father’s Pic



Daughter’s Pic


Winner – Father’s Pic


The Grand Winner is: DaughterUS State

Thank you once again to everyone that helped us by
completing the survey. We really appreciate it. For those who opted to enter their name in the drawing to win a free copy of my U.S. State of Play word search puzzle book, the winners have been selected and if we do not already have your address, you will be contacted to obtain it so we can ship the book to you.



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