Recently, I was discussing diamonds with a friend. As we continued to talk,  the songs “Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes” by Paul Simon and the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” sung by Marilyn Monroe in the move Gentlemen Prefer Blondes came to mind. Then the occasionally stated idioms “Diamonds are Forever” and “A Diamond in the Rough” came to mind.

As I thought more about diamonds, I realized I really do not know much about diamonds; specifically, the geological related characteristics of a diamond. Here are some interesting facts about diamonds:

  • blue-diamondDiamond is the hardest natural substance
  • It takes extreme pressure to form a diamond
  • Diamond conducts heat better than any other substance
  • Diamond has the highest melting point of any substance
  • Diamond is transparent
  • A diamond’s atoms are packed closer together than the atoms of any other substance

After learning more about the nature of a diamond, my mind shifted back to the previously mentioned songs and idioms. In particular, the one that kept coming to mind is the idiom “Diamonds are Forever.” As I pondered over this, I began to think about relationships. What makes a good relationship? What must one do to have truly lasting relationships? Consider the following characteristics/behaviors one must have to build a mutual forever “diamond” like relationship:

Devoted – Key to a successful long-lasting relationship is devotion.  Being devoted means committing your time, talents, knowledge, and energy to strengthening the relationship.

Inspiring – A forever relationship is one in which both parties infuse spirit and life into each other. They find ways to encourage, enliven, and motivate. They know how to have fun and enjoy one another’s company.

Accepting – No two people are exactly alike. They may have different interests, opinions, beliefs, habits, etc. An accepting relationship is one in which both parties understand that it is okay to be different. Ultimately, they accept the differences, work around them, or find the benefits to having differences and utilize them to their advantage.

Merciful – No one is perfect. Mistakes are a part of life. They are an opportunity to learn and grow. When mistakes are made, the key to strengthening the relationship is showing mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.

Open – A strong diamond-like relationship is one which open and honest communication is encouraged and exists. It’s a relationship built on transparency. It is one where each individual displays an open heart and mind. They are willing to listen to the thoughts, ideas and concerns of another, even if they disagree.

Near – Another key element in building a strong relationship is space. You want to keep your friends, colleagues, and loved ones near you, to be willing to help and assist them when needed. But you also need give them their space. Sometimes, they need to be given the opportunity to be with others, to do things on their own, or to be alone.

Desire – Having a common desire, goal or purpose is also key to building a strong relationship. When both parties seek the same thing, they are more committed to working together.

Selfless – A forever relationship is one in which those involved work to enhance the lives of one another through selfless service. They realize that their own lives will be stronger when they are concerned about the needs of another and work to fulfill those needs.

Diamonds-Rough and Polished

In conclusion, consider the images to the left. As noted in the list of facts about diamonds mentioned above, to form a diamond it requires an extreme amount of pressure. Also, when a diamond is first unearthed, it is generally not as shiny and transparent as the ones we buy. They are rough. To make it the type of diamond we all want and desire it has to be shaped and polished. 

Building a diamond like relationship is similar. Every relationship will experience moments of difficulty, stress, and pressure. However, by adopting the characteristics/behaviors that build a strong relationship, the pressure can be overcome and a forever beautifully transparent polished diamond like relationship can be formed.

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  1. Joe,

    I really enjoyed this thought on diamonds you had. Thanks for sharing.

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