When I asked a friend of mine to tell me the first word that comes to mind when they think of the letter “H”, he immediately said “Hunger”. Over the next few days, as I pondered over the word hunger, the main thoughts that came to mind had nothing to do with food, but rather the other things in life that one craves, that he or she hungers for. Specifically, the often used phrase “Recipe for Success” came to mind.

No matter what you hunger for, there are always things that must be done and directions that must be followed in order to satisfy that hunger. There is a recipe for everything. Even when it comes to actual food preparation, whether it is you or a chef at a restaurant making it from scratch, or a worker in a food manufacturing plant preparing a frozen meal you simply have to heat, there is a recipe or specific things that must be done in order to properly prepare the meal.

Some may be quick and easy, others may be more complicated and require more time and effort. Regardless, if you really have the hunger for something, then you will do everything you can to take the proper and necessary steps to satisfy that hunger.

Consider the following recipe for making blueberry muffins; it’s one of my favorites:

Muffin Recipe Image

There are essentially two parts: Ingredients and Directions. The ingredients are a list of all the components needed to make the muffin. When combined, they will create the necessary substance that will lead to the desired outcome. However, they must be properly combined. That is where the directions become important. If you fail to combine the ingredients as outlined in the directions, then the end result may not be what you wanted and you will have failed to satisfy your hunger.

When it comes to achieving success, it is no different. There are ingredients necessary to achieving that success. These include things such as:

  • Resolve – be determined to satisfy your hunger
  • Enthusiasm – have excitement and passion
  • Compliance – follow the directions, do things in the proper way
  • Implementation – be willing to work for it, to take the necessary steps
  • Patience – understand that it may take some time
  • Endurance – accept that it may not be easy, that there may be struggles along the way

Once you have the ingredients, there will be directions to guide you. The may include information outlining when things need to be done, the order in which they need to be done, and how long it will take to achieve the end result.  

Ultimately, if you truly have the hunger for something and you follow the recipe, then you can satisfy that hunger and relish in the happiness that follows.

If you have the hunger for a good blueberry muffin, try out the recipe above and let me know what you think. I’m craving one right now.


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