The other day, my wife and I decided to go on another little outdoor adventure. We chose to drive along the Cherohala Skyway, a gorgeous route that passes through the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and North Carolina. Along the way we stopped at several places to admire the beauty of nature and of course take several pictures.

dsc_0004One of the places we stopped was Bald River Falls. Immediately upon seeing the water rushing over the side of the cliff the phrase “Jet Stream” came to mind. From that moment on thoughts about the word jet kept coming up. 


As I thought about the word “Jet” and the phrase “Jet Stream”, my thoughts turned to the concept of love, particularly showing forth our love for others through service. One of the most powerful and inspiring things we can do to help not only ourselves, but the people around us is through serving one another. As the old saying goes, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I believe we all have a certain amount of compassion within us, a desire to help others, whether it be family, friends, co-workers, or strangers we come across during our daily journeys. For some, it may be small amount. For others, an amount so large that they wish they could find a way to do more. In some cases, one may have the compassion and desire to serve others, but does not have the time, ability, or resources for doing so.

Service can come in many forms though. It can be through some physical activity, monetary donations, listening to the concerns of another, or providing guidance and knowledge to someone who is struggling. Service can also come through supporting and encouraging people in their accomplishments, or simply telling someone thank you. There are many ways to serve.

My personal believe is that to truly live a happy life we must all discover the love within ourselves and let the love stream forth. When we do this, the world in which we live will be a stronger more unified one. I know this from personal experience, from the service I have received and the service I have provided.

Consider what you are doing to serve. If you feel you are not doing enough to give back, to help others, I challenge you to let the love within you jet out, to spout forth. As you do this, reflect upon and take pleasure in the joy and happiness that comes from doing so.

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