Puzzling Times

These are puzzling times. With everything that is going on, many feel our world is in a state of uncertainty. The amount of fear, confusion, and frustration as well as hate and anger are rising.

For many people, their lives are in pieces. They are torn apart. For some, it is only a few pieces and while it may be going slow, they are progressing. The pieces are coming together. The way they see their lives is getting better. Their picture is starting to reappear. For others, the number of problems they are facing is beyond their control. They have too many pieces. They are struggling to put their lives back together. They cannot solve the puzzle.

This past Christmas (2019), I was given a puzzle as a Christmas gift. It was the first puzzle I had received or bought in many years. It was fun and challenging to try and solve it. After a few days and several hours spent working on it, it was completed. All the pieces had come together.

Then, over the next several months I became obsessed with puzzles. As of today, I have solved 34 puzzles. Puzzles of different sizes; from 150 pieces to 2000 pieces. I’ve also solved a puzzle unlike the standard rectangular or square shaped puzzles.

Sometimes I solved these puzzles on my own. No help was needed. Other times, I was struggling. I felt it was taking too long or it seemed like I had made a mistake; that I placed a piece in the wrong place. I needed help and sought assistance from my wife.

Occasionally, my wife and I decided from the beginning to solve these puzzles together. Even my son and daughter when they were home helped. Every puzzle was solved. We never gave up. We came together as a family to put the pieces together. We were united. We created the picture we were hoping for.

These puzzling times we are facing can be solved. It may not be easy. It may take time. You may not be able to do it alone, but it can be done. The pieces can come together and the picture we need can be revealed. There is a key.

If you are up for the challenge, click on the link below to find the key. It is a 54 piece online puzzle I created.


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