My Load

I walked alone down a dusty road
Searching for a place to lighten my load
In the dark, near a creek amongst the trees
I found a spot that met my needs

There I knelt in solemn prayer
Wishing, hoping he might care
With humble heart and lots of faith
I begged the Lord for mercy and grace

My sins were great, my faults were clear
I deserved nothing, why should he care
With my prayer complete, for hours I sat quietly
As my mind replayed my wrongful deeds

Blowing wind and flowing creek
Sounds of nature surrounded me
Once again, I closed my eyes
And asked the Lord to forgive me for my many lies

Sometime later as I did contemplate
My body was overwhelmed
A feeling of warmth and peace my soul did bound
And at that moment I knew my load the Lord did take

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  1. I hope that you have not stopped writing, your poems are good.


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