Beneath the Fairground Lights

Below is a little poem I wrote a while ago and featured in my first novel titled This Point in My Life. It is a story about fate and romance. If you like a simple clean romance story, check it out. You can find it my page The Bunch Batch or click on the Shop the Bunch Batch tab at the top of this page.Cover Image

Beneath the Fairground Lights

It was a full moon
That warm summer night
The day I first saw you
Beneath the fairground lights

You stood alone
By the carousel
Through the sounds of happy children
I could hear your gentle wail

Why does she cry?
I couldn’t help but wonder
Why so sad?
Who or what had torn her heart asunder?

With a bit of courage
I approached you there
And humorously told you
There’s no crying at the fair

Six months later
On a similar warm night
There we stood hand in hand
Beneath the fairground lights

A smile appeared on your face
As the carousel moved round and round
Then suddenly tears filled your eyes
As I slowly moved towards the ground

The tears this time, were tears of joy
As I knelt before you in that place
Will you marry me?” I asked
With humility and grace

Your reply was quick and quite clear
There was no standard yes, or classic I do
Your answer was better, more sincere
“Forever,” you said, “I want to spend with you”

Time went on, years passed by
We spent many more nights
With friends and family
Beneath the fairground lights

Then one day the lights began to fade
A shadow appeared across your face
In that moment I knew the end was near
There would be no more crying or laughing at the fair

Eventually, as I held your hand the lights went out
You were gone, I was alone
There would be no more warm summer nights
Beneath the fairground lights

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  1. Well done son


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